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What Are Some Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Brothers

Posted by: Madhulagna Banerjee Posted on: 19th November, 2019

Each sibling is somehow unique with the memories they share and the experiences they hold dear to their hearts. But when it comes to gifting ideas, it is replicating these unique memories through gifting ideas that becomes a trouble for many.

Thus, Shree thought why restrict our participation in the lives of siblings only through the celebration of Raksha Bandhan, or only through creating best Rakhi Design?

Rather, why not give you certain unique ideas as to how to impress these tough souls!

Read on to find out, 5 splendid gifting ideas that can impress the most difficult brother, on his birthday.

Indoor Baseball Game

Though Baseball is not that popular a sport in India, but if your Brother has some international tastes in games, you can certainly buy this for him. The electronic score board that comes within the game package is pitched with the baseball and can keep the accurate score technically. All you need is to hang the electronic scoreboard in his room where he can throw the ball. For those lazy yet ‘shaukeen’ brothers who are more into staying indoors, this could be a cherished gift indeed.

You can check out here -https://www.amazon.com/Baseball-Challenge-Indoor-Game/dp/B00DR1H12E

Night Runner Headlights

Well this one is certainly for the adventure loving brothers who are absolutely antithetical to the above kind of brothers.

If your brother is a trek-freak who loves to venture out for trips, for every other holiday, these Night runner Headlight shoes can be an absolute delight indeed.

Providing almost 270 degrees of visibility in the dark while trail running or trekking, these shoes will protect him from the evils of the road and each time it does, your brother will remember you.

And who knows, you may celebrate Raksha Bandhan, this year in some adventurous spot away from the noises of the city, with your beloved brother!

Click here to check these shoes - https://www.amazon.in/Night-Runner-270-Shoe-Lights/dp/B018EK6RUY

Outdoor beer growler carrier and glasses

There is nothing stronger than the bonding between adult siblings who drink together. And for such a free yet strong bonding what could be better gift than an Outdoor Beer Growler Carrier and glasses.

Those midnight chocolate cravings that often strike up on the ways of growing up where the events that brought you two closer. Now when with work we have evolved into a busier lifestyle, we can certainly make up for those ignored midnight cravings, and with chocolates, a beer and glass holder at the back of your car can be an added relief.

Click here to take a view - https://www.uncommongoods.com/product/outdoor-beer-growler-carrier-and-glasses


As we mentioned in our previous blog, times are evolving and we need to improvise upon our gender construal.

Who can understand this better than a sister who has a brother who loves to cook all the difficult delicacies seeing them from YouTube or picking it up from some weird recipe book? Well then, this is the perfect gift for such a brother.

An induction oven that can give him the freedom to cook anywhere that he needs to travel for work or leisure. A millennial brother, who loves to cook, could not be made happier.So you can celebrate his Birthday, with some delicacies cooked by your chef brother!

You can materialize this thought on this link - https://www.amazon.in/Pigeon-Stovekraft-Cruise-1800-Watt-Induction/dp/B01GFTEV5Y/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=induction&qid=1574166619&sr=8-3

5-in-1 Tool Pen

Life is getting busier and more difficult for every adult, every day. You may or may not accept but if your elder brother is employed, he too is now an adult and is busy at work. There is this one gift with which he shall thank you every other minute of the day.

This fantastic tool gives him the access to regular utilities like a screwdriver, capactive touch stylus for smart devices, an integrated bubble level, ruler, and pen with clip. This will not only help him in his daily life but as well earn him complements. 

Take a view here -https://www.amazon.in/We-store1-Screwdriver-Multi-Function-Black/dp/B07GBVCD26

Well these are materialistic gifts that can only make moments special when they are spiced up with a touch of sisterly mischief that makes these gifts signatory for these radical brothers. Don’t forget, irrespective of you want to celebrate his birthday or you want to celebrate raksha bandhan, it is never just about the gifts, but the intention of every sister that Shree salutes.

So no more restrict yourself to gifting the best Rakhi Designs from the house of Shree Rakhi simply for the celebration of Raksha Bandhan…

Rather start building a better sibling-hood, today!

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