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This Raksha Bandhan Do Not Limit The Thread Only To Your Brothers

Posted by: Madhulagna Banerjee Posted on: 23rd December, 2019

Let us change the rules of Raksha-Bandhan, this 2020!. Conventionally Rakshabandhan refers to a ‘bond that protects’, symbolized by a thread that sisters tie on the wrist of their brother to protect them from the evils and grant them a long life.

It is believed that Yamini, Yama’s sister, had first tied Rakhi in her brother, the God of Death’s wrist to make him immortal and protect him from evils. But that was Satyayug.

Above every responsibility within a family, stands sisterhood- an incomparable and unique relationship, that frames a lot of our childhoods yet there is no ‘sister’s day’ to celebrate these superwomen.

The auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated all across India, where the sisters tie rakhi on their brother’s wrist and receive presents.

Till today.

This Raksha Bandhan, we need to change our notions and celebrate with sisters tying a rakhi on the wrist of our sisters itself, who are no less than protectors, caretakers, soul mates, best friends, for us.

It’s time for us to bring in this change.

It’s time we offer the same kind of love to our sisters that we have been giving to our brothers with the rituals of Raksha-Bandhan since time immemorial, and change the code of celebration that we have been following for years.

Reversing the stereotype

The bond between sisters is special and cannot be felt or shared by anyone other than these two peers who share the journey of growing up together and step into womanhood with each other. Powerful is the relationship that these young women share with their sisters.

This year while everything stays the same: we get dressed for the festive day, perform rituals, decorate thalis, have sweets and receive gifts: just that we ensure that the sisters are as well tying rakhi in the delicate yet powerful wrists of the beloved sisters, respecting the sisterly memories created together.

The true meaning of ‘Raksha’ is a promise made by the strongest relationship between siblings. All we need is the reversal of the stereotype; keeping core purpose the same. With this change, we look forward to spreading the strength of the sisters, through the sisters, by the sisters.

Sister…a responsibility to celebrate

The boundless love between a brother and a sister gave way to the Rakshabandhan festival. Adhering to the rituals and beliefs that have been celebrated traditionally for years, Raksha Bandhan can only be apt if the true essence of it is felt within the sisters as well.

From sharing clothes with and without permission, fighting over those same clothes, treating each other on those special weaker days of each month, and keeping each other’s boyfriend names a secret…Sisterhood for the millennial women of today is chemistry of undefinable love!

A single day can certainly not define the unmatched bond that two siblings share with each other. However, Raksha Bandhan can rightly be celebrated, only when the sisters as well are coerced & appreciated for their unconditional love with the chaste thread exchanged between an elder and younger sister.

Now we ask you.

When Serena Williams and Venus Williams win a tournament, is that trophy any less joyous than when Irfan & Yusuf Pathan play a great match for India? Or when Karishma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor shared their secrets to great siblinghood over a talk show episode < Kareena and Karishma on how to stay 'relavant'> , was it any less entertaining than the BTS fights of Farhan & Zoya on the sets of Dil Dhadakne Do?

No. That’s the beauty of sisterly love: a dimension of siblinghood that stayed uncelebrated in the event of Rakshabandhan to date…But no more!

Last, but not least, when we think of bringing a change, we look forward to leaving a strong message on people. Tying rakhis on our sister’s wrist, celebrating Raksha Bandhan in the name of our sisters is just another way of showing our love for the bond we share with our super-sisters. Let’s not bifurcate it in the name of gender, and allow our sisters the privilege of this celebration as well.

It’s a long time due that the sisters owe from their sisters!

Sisters are strength. Sisters are power. Hence, show your love for your wonderful sisters with a rakhi on Rakshabandhan 2020.

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