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Secret Confessions Of A Sister

Posted by: Madhulagna Banerjee Posted on: 7th January, 2020

Each day we are moving forward through discovering newer agencies of science that are helping us understand the world around us better.

But, there has not been one single theory that could explain what works behind two people who can swear that they are the best enemies of each other and yet can’t live without the other.

Yes its siblings whom we are talking about!

The quarrels and the sugary moments that work behind the bioscope called ‘siblinghood’ are both equally pivotal. But amidst these scenes of the film, there are certain scenes that are completely edited out by the sisters, and kept as secret only to themselves.

Shree thus aims today, to share with you, few of these ‘behind the scene’ secrets that goes on in the mind of a sister, through situations that every sibling pair grows through, as they go through them.

A baby brother is born!

One of the best moments of your sisters’ life is the second when she saw you for the first time.

It might be difficult for you to imagine, but when a little girl who is herself not over her childhood yet, finds another little one, as her little brother, who she needs to love and take care of as her own…

That moment is phenomenal! And she can never forget the joy that moment held, till her death.

Mamma scolded you!

Irrespective of how trivial the issue, when it’s between you and her, she gets a satanic pleasure when you are scolded.

Thus no matter how significant or less significant a certain cause is, she shall see to it that it is presented in the most major manner ensuring that you get an adequate scolding from mamma.

Winner, winner: Chicken Dinner!

When in a fight with you, in order to ensure that she wins, she will use all the measures feasible. And by measures we do not mean just the nails, and hands.

It’s as well her brain which sorts out the most innate plans to win that fight over a piece of cheese or more space in the bed.

That explains why she won the fights so effortlessly as well.

Sister calling!

Beyond your knowing, she has had several instances when she has collected and called several of your friends.

When you return home late, or your phone is unreachable, the one who shows the least concern on her face to keep your parents pacified is your elder sister.

But it is the same person who is hell worried inside and tries to ring up all your friends in order to find out if you are safe, and cannot rest till you are back home and fighting with her.

Mamma, loves me more!

Mamma’s attention is certainly the most priced asset that you two have fought over with each other through out childhood.

But did you know that several of her attempts at academics, games, art and theatres were mostly to claim that priced asset?

Siblings compete with each other and tend to prove themselves to be the best among them by taking part in several activities and accomplishing targets given by the parents.

Sleep, baby, sleep!

Ever woke up to find yourself with a doodled face?

If you are a brother, who has a sister with a creative vein, it is obvious that you have often gone through this.

But did you know, it is when you sleep that you look the cutest and most lovable to your sister. It is when you sleep, with your mouth open or with the oddest expressions that you look nearest to innocence, and that is certainly adorable according to sisters!

The lady-boss knows it all!

Last and yet secret of high significance…

If you have a girlfriend, chances stand almost next to none that your sister is not aware of the same.

In fact in all probabilities she is as well aware of the intricate details of her features, her past, her present, her education and her preferences. And the fact that you are still with her, without any indicative complains from your sister’s end is indicative that she does not dislike her!

To conclude, coming back to square one, siblinghood is indeed complicated. But unlike most other human relations, it is unconditional and more inherent.

The love is not based on worldly clauses and thus irrespective of the ages of the siblings, siblinghood never grows.

Irrespective of whatever other mature roles the woman plays, when it comes to being the sister she stays the same protective kid who can give up on the whole world for the only toy she is gifted by God, the only toy she calls her own, her beloved little brother.

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