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Rape And Penalties: What If We Can CHANGE The Scene

Posted by: Madhulagna Banerjee Posted on: 5th December, 2019

A word that brings everything to a standstill even in a populated nation like India. People rage out with candle marches. Cries rise from processions. The nation comes out to demand justice. The Government promises they will take steps for women's safety. Women oriented social NGOs raise funds. Laws are challenged.

Newspapers are flooded with reports. Twitter capitalizes on the hashtag ‘#RapeinIndia’. YouTube is flooded with viral news videos for or against the case. Facebook is flooded by ‘in support’ posts.

Two days pass.

Three days pass.

A month passes.

The family of the victim slowly accepts the loss. The city calms down and focuses on something new in news. The nation goes back to its courts where a million files demanding justice are yet unturned. Profit maximization reached its climax for the media. No more revenues to be earned from the news.

Case is CLOSED.

OR is it?

As on December 2019, more than 133,000 rape cases are pending!! And the count goes on.

The REAL Issue: Objectification of Women

The day since humans discovered that women can be used to reproduce and as well for pleasure in the process - women have either been dealt as liabilities as wives or as assets as prostitutes.

Keeping in mind Prostitution is the oldest profession, whose growth has stayed unchanged over the ages irrespective of various attempts of curbing it, and that the word “assets” mean a valuable or useful ‘thing’ or person.

So objectification of women is a primitive practice, as old as the discovery that women can give them the pleasure nothing else in this world can.

Could that be the cause that today when women are being slaughtered like cattle after forced abuse the ruckus that is created lasts for only a few a month and then everyone calms down till another rape occurs in the city that will be a step ahead in threatening the nation of what bestiality women can be dealt with if they refuse to ‘please’?

Induct iron rods into their private parts, strangle her, dissect her body into pieces and if nothing of that works, burn her alive.

Your conscience might be asking you by now, but WHAT CAN WE DO?

We are ordinary units of a third world nation who earn their living by working 9 hours a day, or we are homemakers who struggle every day to help their children in growing up.

Have you ever asked yourself what will your children do with the human identity you are providing them with if the world around them becomes this inhuman?

In India, once a rape occurs, in some fortunate cases the rape is reported. For some more fortunate cases, the legal system seeks to investigate the same. And in even more fortunate cases the actual rapists are found.

And what’s the JUSTICE?

If the victim was below 12 years he would be given the death penalty, or in most cases lifetime imprisonment. This is the ultimate justice that the most fortunate rape survivors or in most cases only the families of the rape survivors receive. Justice restored.

Now let us ask ourselves a question, even for the few percentages of the rapists, who are penalized with lifetime imprisonment or with a hang to death order, how justified is the pain caused by this to the women they slaughtered psychologically and bodily?

While without a woman’s consent they penetrated her, then they slaughtered her to shut up the ultimate evidence of their misdeed. The woman herself.

Can those few minutes of pain that the accused goes through while being hanged or a lifetime of food and water and other services from the government provided to him in isolation from the outer world be enough to compensate the damage they did to the dead woman and to the psychological shock or loss that they cast upon their families and the families of all other women of the nation who have to curb the free lives of their daughters and wives and sisters because rapists like them are out on the roads?

We could not change the rapists. We could not change the fates of Indian women. We could not change the fears of the parents whose daughter did not return home till 10’o clock at night. We could not change the age of the minor who had to go through what she went through from her relatives. We could not change the charred body of the doctor.

So what do we CHANGE?

Let’s teach rapists the lesson, the tough way.

Let’s raise voices sign petitions and raise voices till the screams of the raped receive justice.

Address the issue. Prevent the cause. Educate the masses.

“Candles will melt. Voices will be lost. Only Laws and its implementation will help.”

Let real justice be restored.

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