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Premiere To Last Year’s Star Performing Range Of Rakhis-the Show Is About To Begin!

Posted by: Madhulagna Banerjee Posted on: 15th February, 2020

We have spread the word.

All our networks are aware of the upcoming Shree Rakhi Dealer’s meet which shall be taking place on the 23rd of February in Hyderabad.

Now you, being a dealer, must be wondering “What’s for me in it?”. So we thought to give you a premier of our star products that are coming down to you this Sunday.

So, let’s begin.

A.D Rakhis

This range of Shree Rakhis aces the list of last years’ bestselling Rakhis!

With beautifully cut, sharp and shining American Diamonds, on a base of crimson threads or bracelet like designs: AD Rakhis were liked by all.

But when you will see an AD rakhi from the house of Shree you will be confused as to which should you focus on first…

The Rakhis, or, their packaging?

The AD Rakhis come in certain bright packaging ideas. They make your gift all the more beautiful! With different motifs and four different categories, the AD Rakhi’s are a show-stealer.

The different motifs of the AD Rakhis include the Ganesh, Swastik, Om, Fonts and other nice centerpieces. The luster of the stones in these Rakhis, make them look like ornaments.

The four different categories of the AD Rakhis- the Bracelet, the Josh, the Pillow, and the Satin Box, offer some innovative and classic packaging variations.

This is what makes this range one of our top-performing rakhi ranges of all times.

Dhamaka 2019

This star performer Rakhi range did absolute justice to its name! It depicted a genuine rise in sales last year. And thus it had to be there in this year’s dealer’s meet!

The Dhamaka 2019 range of Rakhis is awesome. They vary in their thread and stone studded styles.

In the Dhamaka 2019 range we have four types of Rakhis. They are the Chamatkar, Hot Star, Josh & Kohinoor. The Chamatkar Rakhis of the Dhamaka 2019, has an added attraction of pearls along with the beautiful thread.

The Hot Star Rakhis show a beautiful crimson thread that will certainly give your brother’s wrist a rich look.

The two other kinds in this category, Josh and Kohinoor, are prides of the House of Shree. And thus, this year too they will be among some of best Rakhis.

The Dealer’s Meet arranged by Shree creates an impact only when dealers like you attend the meet and appreciate our hard work annually.

It is with your trust and feedback that we have taken the Rakhi Industry of India ahead with.

We grow with you. So do not miss the chance to take part in this carnival.

Register now!

The countdown has begun. Where are you?

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