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Ordering Rakhis With Shree: It’s Simpler Than Ever Before!

Posted by: Madhulagna Banerjee Posted on: 8th June, 2020

Shree Rakhi is proud to be one of the business houses that had had continued their operations all through this phase...

The reactions and engagements we got from our clients over social media were brilliant. We are grateful as that kept us going ahead with our efforts to serve the Indian siblings.

And now it’s time to move a step ahead.

Wondering how?

Here is the plan of how you can again begin to order Rakhis online from Shree Rakhi today!

Step 1

Identifying the buyer in you…

A big reason we counted this as the first step is certainly the scenario that we all are fighting through together. In the very first step we need to ask ourselves that how important is it to us, as businessmen dealing in Rakhis to get back to business at the earliest with Shree?

If getting back to earning and contributing to the economy is a reason you yourself plan to be back in the market, it is then that you know that you are at the ideal stage to get back to the market.

Unless the need is in you and you find it necessary, our strategies won’t succeed. Moreover, we both will lose on time, the time in which Shree could attend to another dealer-in-need at this minute of crisis.

Once you identify your vigor to make the Rakhi industry operative again with your contribution, all you need to do is to arrive at any of our following four channels:

Step 2

We are online at your convenience…

1. Our Website

Shreerakhi.in is our website that has been at the service of each and every query and needs of our clientele since some time now.

•Once on our website go to the products section or catalogue.

•Explore through a range of magnificent Rakhis suited for a wide range of choices.

•Scroll through

•Choose the products that steal your glance

•Click on the cart icon

•You shall be led to a form.

•Fill it up, and get a step closer to getting connected with us.

2. Our Facebook

@ShreeRakhiKol is our Facebook handle. We believe you have already raved through our Facebook page and the variant of engaging posts that we have put up lately to keep you glued. But have you discovered our newly launched ‘Shop’ option yet? Let us tell you about it today!

•Once on our Facebook page just below the ‘Home’ option you shall find the option of ‘Shop’.

•Or, you may as well scroll down our page to find a standing carousel of Rakhi Images with their prices stated below.

•Click on any of them, and the cube shall open into a bigger view with the Rakhi descriptions.

•Finding it enough attractive to place an order?

•Click on the Message option beside

•Type in the details of your order and click on ‘Send’.

3. Our Instagram

@shreerakhikol is how we are known on Instagram. Each day you will find a post and stories about one of our awesome Rakhis on our Insta page.

•Once there, scroll through the myriad of colors that our product posts create on the page.

•Once your fingers stops on something very attractive click on the product

•Zoom in and know more on it.

•Click on the heart icon, if not done already

•Click on the dialogue bubble icon, to comment.

•In the comment section drop a query about the product stating you are interested to know more and get in touch.

Leave the rest on us!

4. Our WhatsApp

Hey we are on WhatsApp too!

•Give a buzz on our contact number 9331150473.

•We shall get back to you a wonderfully designed, user friendly catalogue of Rakhi Categories with in-depth photographs of their packaging too.

•To ease your shopping experience we have as well stated the prices of each unit.

•Just ping back with the Rakhi name and sub-category specification

And your business die starts rolling from there!

Step 3

It is from here that we take over!

Once you have placed the query all you need to do is sit back and wait for us to get back to you.

An executive from Shree gets back to you.

Over a call we take the details of your query and if it proceeds to an order, the executive takes the details of your location and your available contact information.

So are you ready?

Step 4 : Let’s order online with Shree, now!

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