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Online Order Gate Is Open!

Posted by: Madhulagna Banerjee Posted on: 24th March, 2021

Place bulk order with Shree Rakhi’s online order confirmation portal, www.shreerakhi.co.in.

The pandemic has shown us some really tough times.

While our attempt was to constantly encourage our extended family of dealers to believe that everything will be fine soon last year, we had all through been working on the thought of how to simplify business for them. It is obvious that when earning stops, life seems to come to a standstill.

It was thus, during the pandemic that we thought to come up with a gift that would preserve income and lives together. And that helped us land up with our online rakhi purchase portal Shreerakhi.co.in

It is after a year's interval that we are coming down to Delhi this year with the Biggest Rakhi Dealer' Meet 2021, Registrations for which are already filling in. Last year owing to the Pandemic, we had had to cancel the meeting at Delhi, in the last minute, and it was then that we came up with the idea of opening the gates for bulk online orders, with Shree Rakhi.

Let's take you on a walk around our online store, to make ordering simpler than ever before for you.

So visit Shreerakhi.in and click on ‘Online Order’...let’s start exploring!


• It is where you enter the shop of Shree Rakhi, you shall find certain simple lead-on features in different parts of this page, which we shall take you through ahead.
• The more you explore the closer you get to your online orders.
• In the Home Page itself, you shall get a glimpse of three rows showing our featured rakhi ranges.
• To get a better glimpse click on ‘see more’.

Featured Collections:

• One look inside the ‘See More’ option you shall find several of our Featured Product Collections. Name it and we have it.
• Be it the high-end AD Rakhis, the Economic range Dori Rakhis, or the Premium quality Doris.
• In the collection panel, you shall as well have the Handicraft Rakhis and kids Rakhis.
• With further searches, you can delve into other exclusive ranges of Stone Rakhis, Loose Doris, Lumbas, Pairs, and Pendant Rakhis.
• A spectrum of Rakhis arranged to fit every range, every taste, and every need of our Dealers.


Went through the whole Category section and yet looking for something better? Well, we heard you before you said it. To give you a detailed peek into our bulk range of products we have a complete ‘catalog’ section created just for your convenience.

And what we have inside the ‘Catalog’? Here’s what.

A total of 14 mutually exclusive sets of a diverse range of Rakhis spread across 32 pages.
• Each having an XL size photograph to display every detail of design you needed to see.
• Just click on the Quantity option and chose the desired quantity and ‘Add to Cart’.


• It is this option at the right corner of the display that always awaits holding all the exclusive sets of Rakhis you have picked up for purchase.
• Keep on adding to your heart’s fill and make sure not a single design that appeals to you stays unbilled!
• The better you add to your cart, the better you sell.

It is here to remember that in order to proceed to the checkout; your cart value needs to have a minimum ordered quantity of 20,000 INR. Once you reach your order is eligible for Home Delivery instantly. Bingo!

Sign in or create an account:

Well, who likes to remind their close fellows about their contact details time and again, for instance, your name, your address, your contact number, and your mail id? We completely agree with you here.

And thus we have as well kept an account holding option on your website.

Create an account with your necessary details on the Shree Website

We can now remember your details each time you purchase bulk order and select them automatically without any added effort. That’s how friends are!

Added bonus: You get a notification in your inbox each time we add new features, products, and blogs of your interest to our website!

Sort by:

Be it names, be it dates...be it bestselling, or be its price range. You name the order, and we have it for you. When you are going through a buying experience at our Shree Store, we first try to understand your needs and requirements and show your products accordingly.

Thus when we are trying to create an ideal experience for you when you visit our site, we thought why not keep a ‘sort’ option that listens to you and shows you the products accordingly.

Our Social Handles:

That brings you to the bottom of our page. Social Handles where you can reach out to us anytime. Our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels hold loads and loads of freshly brewed interesting content that will help you to understand Shree better, not just as a brand but for your business buddy!

For a complete video tutorial guide of How to place your Online Order, view the video below.

It is a tough time for businesses to survive and grow. And at such a time arranging deliveries are a little difficult for us too and thus please expect a delay in the fulfillment of your online order.

However, it will be the best of our efforts to help your box of Rakhi delivered to your doorstep at the earliest, because it might be difficult but never impossible with the love and support of our loyal client base!

If you have already registered for our upcoming Delhi Dealers’ Meet, then stay calm! We will have our team members there who would help you with a live demonstration of how to order from the Shreerakhi.co.in. And if you haven’t registered yet, to attend the biggest Rakhi-Dealers’ Meet of India arranged by Shree Rakhi, call +91 33 41804180 today or click here!

Shree Rakhi wishes you more business, more growth, more power!

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