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It Is All About Following The Rules - Corona

Posted by: Madhulagna Banerjee Posted on: 5th April, 2020

This is the 12th day Akash and Asha are at home along with their parents.

Akash is a bright boy reading in the 8th standard and his sister Asha is a sweet little girl reading in the 4th standard. Asha is sad that she cannot go to school and she is missing her friends, teachers, ice cream and golgappas!

Akash decides to explain Asha what is the real situation outside and why by staying at home, they are actually helping the country.

Akash- Don’t be sad Asha. The time will soon come when we will go out and have your favourite ice-cream.

Asha- It has already been so many days! I cannot waitanymore.

Akash- See Asha, we all have to stay at home toprotect each other, because we are fighting a war with an invisible enemy.

Asha- Who is the invisible enemy?

Akash- It is a virus that we cannot see but if it getsinside our body it can make us very ill and others can get this disease fromus.

Asha- Oh my God! Does this enemy have a name? I am scarednow.

Akash- Don’t be scared sister. Your big brother ishere to guide you how to defeat this virus. See the name of the virus isCorona Virus. It started affecting people in China and slowly one by one it hastravelled to almost every place of the world. Many people are ill, some havepassed way and most of them are recovering.

Asha- If we stay at home the Coronavirus won’t attackus?

Akash- See by staying at home we are maintainingsocial distancing. This means the virus cannot spread now. This is because thevirus spreads when someone coughs or sneezes. In a crowded place thus, thespread cannot be controlled. So, the PM of India has asked its citizens toremain in their homes. Less crowd means less chances of the virus gettingspread. Do you understand?

Asha- Yes, from now on I will not complain. I have nowunderstood that by staying at home I am helping my family as well as othersalso.

Akash- This is my intelligent sister! But there arealso some rules that we must follow for our personal hygiene which are likeweapons against the virus.

Asha- Tell me, tell me I want to be ready with all theweapons to fight this Coronavirus.

Akash- Sit down! Don’t jump dear! I am telling you.See first you have to wash your hand for 20 seconds with soap or hand sanitizer.I will show you how to do it.

Asha- Show show!

Akash- Let me complete Asha! Always remember to washhands before and after eating, after using washroom and after coughing orsneezing.

Asha-. Okay I will wash my hands. That is the firstweapon. What is the next one?

Akash- Try not to touch your eyes, mouth and nosebecause if you have somehow come in contact with the virus, then, it can enterthe body if you touch your eyes, mouth and nose.

Asha- Okay. Weapon number 2. No touching eyes, nosemouth. What else? How will I understand if anyone has been attacked already?

Akash- Very good question Asha! See the symptoms of Coronavirusinfection may not appear until 14 days after one has been exposed. Fever,cough, breathing trouble are common signs.

Asha- One must consult a doctor is all these symptomsare seen? Isn’t it?

Akash- Yes Asha one must be very careful andimmediately see a doctor if he or she is facing any problems. If you hide it,then you are risking your life as well as the lives of others.

Asha- Brother, is there no medicines to treat this?

Akash- Sadly none till date. But scientists all aroundthe world are trying their level best to bring out a vaccine as soon aspossible.

Asha- Okay. I have now understood the situation fullyand I will not complain anymore.

Akash- That’s like a good girl!

Asha- Can you give me your phone? I want to make agroup video call to my friends and share what you told me about this bad virusso that they are also ready with their weapons to fight it.

Akash- Sure! Take it. Go on! Only awareness will helpus in this situation!


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