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Gifting Ideas For Rakshabandhan

Posted by: Madhulagna Banerjee Posted on: 5th April, 2019

Raksha Bandhan has and always will be a great time to prove the third world war oriented relationship that you have with your brother to be beneficial. Beneficial since the exchange of gifts occur between sisters and brothers ritually through this festival. All that being said, are you on e of those sisters who like every other years are unaware of what top gift your beloved brother this year? Well then, you have landed on the correct blog. Keep reading.

1. Round ball ice cube tray

Does your brother fascinate drinking alcohol with his friends? If he does enjoy drinking once in a while this could be a great gift to impress him this Rakshabandhan. Not just for alcohol but a round ball of ice in a glass could be an impressive concept even if your brother is not fine with alcohol. The finesse with which the ice cubes are moulded in this freezing tray is worth a try.

2. Personalized bike keys

Yes we do know that personalised gift items are no more a trend to be hooked on to. But did you think about Personalised bike keys. Why we thought of including it in this list is simple. Brother especially if in the age bracket above eighteen have a strange love for speed, however each time that they ignite their bikes for the same if they see a loving memorable picture of you and him together it will remind him that you are waiting for him at home and he should drive safe.

3. Backpacks

Irrespective of whether your brother is working or studying, a strong Backpack that can endure his careless nature and rough style is and will always be a greatly utilizable gift. A strong backpack from Adidas or American Tourister not only helps him create a statement to his friends but at the same time reminds him of you each time he uses it.

4. Movie Tickets

A movie traet is such a concept that it can never go out of trend. However in order to gift the same to your brother you may take help of two ways, either you gift him a movie ticket to a movie that is playing in the theatres at that time and which might be of interest to him and his friends or you buy the Youtube’s HD version of a certain film that he likes a lot.

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