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Four Swag Siblings From The Indian Mythology

Posted by: Madhulagna Banerjee Posted on: 19th December, 2019

Ancient Brother-Sister chemistries that the millennial, can learn from.

The Indian Mythology might seem complex in the initial understanding, but trust Shree, when we say it is a storehouse of interesting sagas related human relations and event, that will blow your mind at every stage!

Today we thus bring to you; a list of inspiring sibling pairs from the relics, that you can relate to even today!

So, let’s step into history!

Surpanakha and Ravana: the cause that led to the Mahayuddh

When it comes to siblinghood there is no qualifications of evils or virtuous.

The bonding between Surpanakha & Ravana implies the real essence of siblinghood, even when the world is against them.

In the holy epic of Ramayana, in the household of the sage Vishrava, these siblings were born to Kaikasi. While the epic reflects very less about how these two siblings grew up together, it is one incident that exemplifies the attachment of Ravana with Surpanakha.

While Laxman had cut off the nose of Surpanakha, since she tried to insist him upon marrying her, her brother Ravana planned to avenge this act by abducting Sita. And the rest, as we all know is history.

Sati & Bishnu: The reason that led to the universe-building marriage

The love story of Shiva & Parvati is often believed to be the beginning of the universe. But this marriage was certainly, not anything less than a catastrophe according to the Indian Mythology. It was a communal effort of the Gods & Goddesses that led this marriage to a reality.

And among these Gods & Goddesses the one without whose contribution this marriage would certainly not be a possibility is Lord Vishnu.

According to the tales of India, when Shiva refused the marriage proposal of Parvati, leading to the daughter of King Himavan & Meenavati into shock, it was Vishnu who asked Parvati to tie a rakhi on his wrist so that he could appeal to Mahadev as her brother and convince him to marry Sati.

Yama & Yamuna: when sisters can gift you immortality.

The Rigveda introduces us to our third swag sibling pair from the Indian Mythology. Yama & Yamuna, born to Saranyu & Vivasvant.

It is this sibling, who according to the Hindu Mythology had given birth to the custom of Raksha Bandhan to make the God of Death, Yama immortal.

When Yamuna tied a Rakhi in the hands of Yama, it was in response to this cordial gesture that Yama granted long life to every brother in whose hands the sister would tie a rakhi.

Kripa and Kripi: the influential siblings in the world of archery

There are certain tales in the Hindu Mythology that leave us in doubt.

The advancements that we are making in medical science today, do they truly belong to this age?

Or had they taken place much before we can think of…

Siblings gestated out of the womb. Yes that revolutionary idea brings us to our third pair of siblings from mythology-Kripa & Kripi.

Kripa Acharya or Kripa, was believed to have been born with an arrow, as an archer. He was in-charge to teach children, the art of archery. His twin sister Kripi was married to another legendary character from the Mahabharata, Dronacharya. These two children grew up mastering the skills of warfare, and is an instance of gender neutrality being in true practice.

That brings us to an end of our ‘Siblings from Mythology’ trip.

Meet you with a new blog soon!

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