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Can Only ‘Mothers’ Be Mothers?

Posted by: Madhulagna Banerjee Posted on: 10th May, 2020

To begin with, Happy Mother’s Dayto you.

Our blog today is a little different from the usual notes of love and thank yous that you shall find over the internet today. Because our blog today is not just about biological mothers, but beyond.

Who is a mother?

Is she only definable by anatomical association with your story of birth?

Is she only a person whose womb was where your story began from?

Is she the woman who feeds you till you have any idea how to feed yourself?

Are these the only definitions that a mother can be identified with?

Shree Rakhi believes the answer to that is no

A mother is anyone who nurtures...

A mother is the one an infant depends on for survival before he or she realizes even the need to survive.

A mother is one whom God selects to not just bring life to this world but also preserve life until it can preserve itself.

A mother does not just bring you to this world, but takes you to school and waits outside the gate before the last class’s bell rings

A mother brings home pieces of that favorite pastry of yours in their pocket when returning from a party.

A mother is the one who stays on that side of the umbrella that gets wet.

A mother knows you are hungry before you say it.

A mother thus can be a father who lost his wife to a divorce or accident early in life and takes care of his children like his only reason to live. A mother can be an elder-sister who chose to not marry but take care of you and the family when no one was there beside her. A mother can be a daughter who forgets to take lunch at work but does not forget to bring medicines for her unwell father every other night when she returns home. A mother can be a brother who escorts her sister from the bus-stand to home every night when she returns from work as there are evil eyes waiting on those lonely streets to prey on her. A mother can be that single woman who decided to adopt an autistic child going against the society’s happily ever after stories. A mother can be that eunuch who could never be a mother but blesses every child she visits, with a long life as a real mother does.

The umbilical cord is not always the condition attached, for a Mother to be a mother.

Because all children need not be born just out of wombs. But at times from hearts as well.

On this Mother’s Day, Shree gives a salute to all those mothers whom the society never wished a Happy Mother’s Day.

We thank you for preserving all those lives that you touched and added a smile every day, while you sacrificed on your own health and happiness just to see these lives nurtured.

Happy Mother’s Day, dear unconventional mothers.

Shree Rakhi thanks you for being who you are!

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