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Bhai Behen And Bollywood: Here Comes Part 2

Posted by: Madhulagna Banerjee Posted on: 12th December, 2019

Khamosh.... We are back with a sequel to our sibling jodis from Bollywood.

On one of our previous blogs on Bhai, behen and bollywood - to this series had discussed of 5 fabulous Bollywood plots pivoting around the lives of emotionally different sibling bonds. Today as well we have brought to you a list of 5 Bollywood movies that brought up siblinghood in its different shades.

Let's begin!

Hare Rama, Hare Krishna

Old is gold. Indeed.

Lets’ open our blog with a legend in the cult of Bollywood Sagas. A movie that was well ahead of its time. Hare Rama Hare Krishna, ideally summarizes how since childhood, through adolescence and further, siblings are well-connected when even they are parted.

The impact of intoxication on the sister makes the brother desperate to save her from the dangers that lie ahead of her, and pull her out of the trap.

The movie emphasizes how in life the real soul-half of a person can be a sibling who holds the key to our real selves, and finds us out when we are lost in life’s turmoil.

Kya Kehna

Pre-marital pregnancy. A big taboo, even in the present date, in Indian societies.

This movie released in the year 2000. It dealt with this taboo in a way that involved a complete reversal to how the society looks at a woman who is about to be a mother to a child born out of the wedlock.

In this whole film, remarkable is how the brothers of Priya, a character played by Preity Zinta, along with her family take care of her not only at home but in the society out there.

In her college, Priya feels alienated by her friends who now disown her and criticize her for the turn of events in her life.

It is at this point, that life reaches out to her, through her brothers who are protective of her honor and saves her from the rest of the world.


The blend of siblings played by actors Shreyas Talpade & Shweta Prasad, in this movie has not only brought clarity to an average Indian brothers’ love for cricket.

It has as well redefined the love of a younger sister towards her elder brother & his passions.

From being thrown out of his ‘Guruji’s team, for a corrupt reason to being noticed by the legendary Kapil Dev for his brilliant performance on the field, this brothers’ life takes several turns

But through these changes, his constant companion is his little sister, Khadija.

Shree cheers up to such a spirit of siblinghood.

Jane Tu Ya Jane Na

Amit & Aditi.

Is there a single millennial sibling who could not relate to this particular sibling pair and their fights?

When a brother and sister go through adolescence together, world war 3 is no more a subject of the future.

However, it is the possessiveness of the brother that acts as a disguise to the love that he has for her teen sister and her love-life.

It is the space that the brother is certainly not willing to share in her sisters’ heart with her best friend-turned-love interest, which leads him to these fights initially and later to acknowledge her with the real avatar of her boyfriend.

It is the touch of reality in the relationship of these siblings that brings this movie to our list.


There are certain relations where siblings share a relationship that is much like cordiality shared between children and their parents

And the velocity with which, even the otherwise distant elder brother, loves the little younger sister like his own daughter, is understood only when incarnate evils like Rauf Lala try to harm her honor.

The bond between Hrithik Roshan, and his sister as well as his fiancé Priyanka Chopra is more love-filled than what we see between many parents and their children in today's date.

That brings an end to our entertainment feed for you and your siblings this weekend.

Meet you with a new series, next week.

Stay tuned with Shree!

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