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Bhai Behen And Bollywood A List Of Five Must Watch Brother Sister Movies For Every Indian Sibling

Posted by: Madhulagna Banerjee Posted on: 21st November, 2019

Childhood of almost every Indian has grown up much around Bollywood. Movies affect the way our minds grow and how we look towards the real scene around us.

Coming to the lives of siblings, in our years of growing up there has always been certain Bollywood cult classics that portrayed a certain sibling pair to whom we could relate to. The wavelength of these hit sibling pairs made these certain movies a little too favorite to certain siblings.

It is thus that Shree Rakhi, being a rakhi wholesaler, thought of enlisting some of the famous Bollywood movies on siblinghood, with which you too can take a break this weekend and walk down the memory lane with your mischief-partner, your sibling, through a movie break.

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Dil Dhadkne Do - Entertaining yet strongly bound crazy rich siblings

While a majority of Bollywood movies that go around the lives of siblings have a melancholic strain attached as an obvious, this particular movie was absolutely opposite.

The celebration of siblinghood- that too in an opulent cruise- was certainly a delight to the eyes. The brother-sister duo played by the two radical actors of the present generation, Priyanka Chopra and Ranveer Singh, showed how even in a rich family, when relations get complicated, the simplicity in the love between siblings can be the only resort for a solution.

This adult brother-sister pair is ideally millennial and yet bound by the ethics of fraternal love.

Watch it here Dil Dhadakne Do_Full Movie

Josh – Possessive yet unbreakable siblinghood

Based in a catholic Christian family, Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai was a very closely-knit brother-sister pair who depended on each other for every minute decision.

Being the elder sibling, the same Shahrukh who was a notorious brat for the rest of the locality, was the most protective and possessive brother one can imagine. The movie left siblings with a very integral lesson.

At times it is the love of the elder juniors that might cease the younger siblings from living up to their own dreams. But then again it is the same brothers’ love that turns ferocious when anyone tries to harm their little sister.

In fact in the track “Apun Bola…”, the chemistry between the two does absolute justification to how young sisters help their adolescent brothers to reach out to the girl they love. What could be more wonderful?

Watch it here  Josh_Full Movie

Fiza – Storms are for a day, sibling love is immortal

Certain siblinghood relationships are beautiful because of the hardships they go through.

We cannot choose our siblings; they are God sent gifts for us on earth.

‘Fiza’ very ideally summarizes the evolving characters of a brother and sister who are parted on the path of life, leading the brother to the dark path of terrorism. The sister who is on the constant venture of finding out her lost brother is constantly encountered with memories from the two’s childhood when everything was beautiful.

Though the movie ends with a tragic twist, where this very sister shoots her brother upon the latter's request, it shows how even in the most critical phase of a terrorists’ life when death is truly the only escape, it is only his sister that he can rely on.

Watch it here  Fiza_Full Movie 

Sarbjit – The siblinghood that transcended all barriers

The pledge of a sister towards proving the innocence of her brother could not be better represented on screen, than the way Aishwarya Rai portrayed her character Dalbir in the movie ‘Sarbjit’.

When the government of a whole nation went against an unfairly accused prisoner, it was his elder sister who alone fought with the world to liberate this brother.

Her struggles, to prove the innocence of her brother, even after his death is an inspirational instance of what space a brother holds in the life of a dutiful sister.

Shree Rakhi whole-heartedly salutes sisters like Dalbir, who can travel superhuman extents, and give up living her own life, for saving her brother.

Watch it here  Sarbjit_Full movie 

My Brother Nikhil – ‘Disowning’ is not an option once you own a sibling

A movie, bravely distant from its contemporary times and thoughts oriented around social changes that are yet little much tabooed for a considerable part of the Indian population.

A brother, who has been a grandly-performing swimmer and a beloved member of the family, discovers one fine morning that he is a bearer of HIV. Soon enough every relationship, even with his parents, gets worse than a nightmare.

All except, his sister Anamika and his boyfriend Nigel who stand as a constant pillar of support

Anamika, a character of a devoted elder sister as played by Juhi Chawla, helps Nikhil in accepting and going through the consequences of the disease till his death. The world quotes “Till death do us part” only in-case of marital relations. This movie envisions the real meaning of the quote, which applies to such siblings.

Watch it here  My Brother Nikhil - Full Movie

There are certain other recommendations for you as well from the house of reputed rakhi wholesaler, Shree Rakhi, like Agneepath, Kya Kehna, Jane Tu Ya Jane Na, Iqbal, and the list goes on.

If you like our blog let us know your feedback and also let know if you could add on to our list. And, we shall get back to you with a part 2 of the list of Bollywood movies on sibling hood, soon!

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