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5 Aww Moments That Only Your Brother Can Give You!

Posted by: Madhulagna Banerjee Posted on: 25th April, 2020

Yes, we know the third world war is not far. And no. We are not talking about China and America, at all.

With you and your brother at home 24*7 together, we can understand the situations of the parents whose mental peace is becoming the common casualties to your war, every minute.

Thus, we thought there must be some way that we can reach down to you with some rescue solution to make you twos’ lockdown a little peaceful too and help you remember those beautiful moments that just makes siblinghood worth the fight and love, always.

Here are 5 moments that just leave any sister anywhere going gaga over their brother, even if they usually behave like the most reputed WWE champions.

Here we go.

Photographer at your service, ma’am!

Cousin's Mehndi, cousin’s birthday, parents’ anniversary…whatever be the occasion. If the sister wants the brother will have to take umpteenth number of photographers till, he reaches that ultimate masterpiece where your sister looks like Katrina Kaif from one side and Aishwarya Rai from the other.

And these poor souls have taken this part of slavery as though it was in their Birth Certificate contracts that if their sisters don’t get a better social media display pic to keep after every party, she attends with him, then he might lose his right from the parental home. Unconditionally cute is this photographer-model equation.

And trust us, no one will do that with that much dedication other than the poor brothers.

Bringing home your favorite stuffs from the party!

Well this is unarguably one of the cutest moments ever shared between a brother and a sister.

Your brother goes to a party. At the party buffet he finds one of those Paneer Tikka Kebabs, that are absolutely lifetime favorites of yours.

He immediately asks the waiter-at-service to parcel a plate of those and bill it in his names. And all of this because she wants you to sit at home and taste it when he comes back home and share it with him as that simply adds taste to even the most un-delicious food items.

Effort could not be more heartfelt than this.

The late-night backside door entries!

Adolescence is certainly one of the most difficultly pleasing stages of human lives. But it can be all the more difficult and all the more pleasing if you have a brother to add on. It is at this stage of life when you begin with the clubbing and pubbing games, and late-night homecoming is nothing but an obvious consequence.

Keeping the worries of both your parents at bay by keeping up to the lie that you began, the universal lie of going to a friends’ house for group study , till opening the back side gate when you return home late with just a call, and then tiptoeing into the home together like you two were shooting for a Hollywood CBI movie.

The sweetness of these moments is more than Lindt chocolates.

Strict ‘no’ to every wrong guy that your parents choose for you in your absence!

Well irrespective of however he teases you for being fat and gaining a few pounds here and there every day, and however dumb you think he thinks you are, the first hand that shall rise to say ‘no’ whenever your parents think of choosing an eminently wrong guy as your groom (obviously because they don’t realize that life has changed your demands from chocolates to compatibility).

And let us tell you, this ‘no’ is backed by more research than you did about Corona on WHO website this season.

Ask him and he shall b able to tell you which date and when exactly had this guy put up a photograph of him being caught for drinking and driving with his friends on Facebook, and how that is certainly not acceptable for his angel sister.

And you thought FBI does better criminal research!

A massage after a tiring day at office!

Well this reminds us one of our past blogs , where we discussed a few things that can give your working sister the much-needed boost when she comes home from a day at work when her boss has certainly not been great to her.

Divine is a massage from the fingers of someone whom you know to really care for every nerve in your head.

In fact, according to most sisters if any massage that can please the bursting nerves of her head post a herculean day at work that’s of her mothers and then her brother.

It is the love that counts. Something you would never get in the fingers of parlor professionals.

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